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NNA has close contacts with Fannie Mae and is working with investors to bid on a new test projects to purchase REOs in areas where foreclosures have been greatest, and manage and resale these properties while trying to maintain a stable local market. If interested in funding or participating as an investor, please contact us.

Commercial notes and REOs are fast becoming the next wave of foreclosures and we receive many of these opportunties daily, from multi-family projects, to office buildings, to retail complexes, all seeking turn-around opportunities for the savvy investor. Contact us now.

As a monthly member of NNA – and all other Gold and Platinum Members – you get updates of of the notes available to us. Join now at www.CertifiedNoteBroker.com.


How we consider our Credit Risks:

National Note Association evaluates mortgage notes or deeds of trust looking at these three initial criteria:

1. Loan to value: Risk is first assessed by determine loan to value of the mortgage to the CURRENT VALUE of the property. (Loan to be sold/Current Value of the property = LTV percentage.) See statement bottom right statement on what we use to evaluate Current Value.

2. Credit Score of Payor: Risk is also assessed by determining the credit score of the Payor. If not available, you as a creditor have a right to know, and with your written permission, we will look it up. You need the Payor’s social security number to report mortgage interest paid by the Payor, so while obtaining it for this required purpose, let us check to determine if it is sufficient to meet our purchase requirements.

3. Location: Due to certain areas of the United States that have been affected by foreclosures, we must consider whether we wish to risk owning a mortgage note or deed of trusts in a those areas, as the property values may decrease in the next year or two, which would erode our risk position.

We provide investor pools for accredited investors, where we purchase large portfolios of mortgages from banks and credit institutions. Please register at our affiliate website: www.PrivateMortgageAssociation.com.

We also train note brokers. If interested log in or register as a note broker.

Mortgage Notes, Deeds of Trusts, Annuities, Structured Settlements, Lotteries, Credit Tenant Leases, Factoring of Accounts Receivables, Purchase Orders, Contracts & Merchant Accounts.

We buy the following (click to go to appropriate submission sites or call us):

1) First position mortgage notes or deeds of trusts (usually close in less than 2 weeks upon full receipt of all required information). Current quotes are 55 – 85% of unpaid principal balance for most notes; qualification varies based on credit score of the payor, seasoning of the note (i.e. length of time in repayment), location and type of property, whether owner occupied or an investment property, and numerous other variables. Ascertaining today’s property value is our greatest task in purchasing mortgage notes in today’s market.

2) Second position mortgages notes or deeds of trust if the combined loan to value [(first + second) /value of property*] is less than 80% (usually close in less than 2 weeks upon full receipt of all required information.) Current quotes are difficult to
estimate since the combined loan to value (CLTV) is our most important consideration.

3) Annuity contracts that are transferrable (usually close in less than 2 weeks, upon approval of insurance company). We also provide and coordinate all three (3) required refusal letters for those Elder Law Professionals who are preparing their clients to qualify for Medicaid. We work with our member associates to coordinate all letters and provide such with a three (3) business day turn-around.

4) Structured settlements (usually it takes 1.5 3 months to close due to I.R.S. required need for approval by court). We pride ourselves in consistently providing higher quotes and better one-on-one service to close and funds these purchases.

5) Lotteries (usually close in less than 30 days). If circumstances have changed after a person has selected a pay-out over a number of years, we can purchase any amount needed by the lottery winner. (If we could all be so lucky!).

6) Credit Tenant Leases** (usually close in less than 30 days). Credit tenant leases are those leases paid by corporate tenants who have been rated by Standard Poor’s or Moodys. It is NOT an individual or small business.

7) Factoring We fund accounts receivable, purchase orders or pending contracts of all sizes of commercial businesses. Please contact us by phone or email. This usually takes just a week or so to set up and can be on-going on a monthly basis. Most of our factoring clients have found that in today’s credit crunch, their lines of credit have been reduced or eliminated and in order to provide cash flow to pay wages and expenses, they must rely on their accounts receivable, purchase orders, contracts, and even merchant credit card average receipts. We have many solutions to fit most business’ needs.

We also accept accredited investors to our mortgage note pools or private investors for one-on-one repurchase of mortgage notes. Please go to our affiliate website, PrivateMortgageAssociation.com

All offers for mortgage notes or deed of trusts will be based on TODAY’S value of the property, NOT the sale price of the property. We calculate TODAY’s value through several means: a)initial review at www.realquest.com; b) request for broker price opinion after a contract is entered; and c) our due diligence after a contract is entered of the existing circumstances of the neighborhood, considering all preforeclosures, foreclosures, bank-owned (REOs), recently sold properties, and the
number of active properties on the Multiple Listing Service including list prices and incentives.

A Credit Tenant is a tenant which holds a high rating by Standard Poor’s and because of such, the lease is of sufficient credit worthiness, that the future stream of lease payments may be purchased at today’s value.


“I called to thank you personally and missed you, but I just wanted to say THANKS! for all of your help and for getting us a good deal on our note. It was a pleasure working with you and we greatly appreciate your consideration in … expediting the whole process. Do you realize that you got the whole deal done in just over two weeks! I was told that this was nearly impossible, but you made it happen and we are grateful.”
Katherine and Chuck Crisafulli
Merritt Island, Florida

“I truly appreciate all you have done for me. I needed cash fast for my note. You did it. If I was nervous and called; you answered the phone. If I didn’t understand something; you took the time to explain it. When I decided to check other companies; you educated me on what scams to watch out for. Thank you for your honesty and time. It was a pleasant experience dealing with you.”
Stany Whitton

“Thank you so much!!! I have put in a good word on your website. Thanks again,”
Roena Vondenberger